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Easthampton, MA 01027

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I remember the day

my high school art teacher came to the class with what looked like a wooden horseshoe. She asked if anyone wanted to try pottery and use the bamboo handle she had; I said yes. 


My absolute passion is working on the potters wheel. It is mesmerizing and meditative and is what brings passion and excitement to my life. There is no better feeling than knowing that what you do for fun will help to bring joy and mindfulness to the way people consume. 

I use a variety of different clay bodies, all of which are fired in an electric kiln. Many of my colors come from liquid colored clays that I dip or brush onto my pots, and carve through to create texture and visual effect. Although I experiment with a variety of different styles and techniques, my main goal is to create work that reminds the user of the process; of where the piece came from. My feeling is, that if we become more aware of how something is made and where it comes from, from start to finish, we can start to make smarter choices about how and what we consume.